The Uchida Yoko Group is reforming its mid/long-term corporate management policy under its corporate vision of “creating value from data and collaborating in the design of knowledge”. Throughout our history, we have cultivated business relations with a variety of clients in both private and public sectors. We exhibit a unique business structure that is based on ICT-related businesses that account for 60% of our sales, with other 40% in environmental businesses.  By taking advantage of our business relationships with a variety of clients and our unique business structure, furthermore utilizing know-how from long term overseas business experiences, we plan on creating a business that focuses on reforming “styles of working,”“ educational systems” and“ city development systems” to resolve the new challenges of our clients that will become apparent by the changes in the social/industrial structures that are expected to take place after 2020.

CategoryTextbook/Material development, School facilities, ICT
What we do
  1. Products & Services for Educational Solutions.
  2. Products & Services for Office Environmental Solutions.
  3. Products & Services for IT Solutions.
Countries where we workedCambodia, Philippines
TEL(+81) 3-5634-6708
Email satoru-hattori@uchida.co.jp


Tokyo Shoseki is Japan’s leading textbook publishing company.
We develop the general book and ICT teaching materials not only a textbook.
We also participate in mathematics textbook development in Laos country through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

CategoryTextbook/Material development, Mathematics/Science, ICT, Moral education
What we do
  1. Development of teaching materials (textbooks,ICT)
  2. Science & Mathematics Education
  3. Moral Education
Countries where we workedLaos, Vietnam
TEL(+81) 3-5390-7551


Our ultimate goal is to create a society where everyone can play an active role by using technology.
We create opportunities to be an IT engineer regardless of borders, race or gender.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher training
What we do
  1. Programming school
  2. IT developer education
  3. Africa
Countries where we workedRwanda, Vietnam
TEL(+81) 3-5459-1808

Kagawa University

Kagawa University comprises six faculties and seven graduate schools, which undertake the education of approximately 5,700 undergraduate and 700 graduate students. We have concluded academic exchange agreements between universities and departments with approximately 100 institutions overseas, and actively exchange students and researchers. In addition, we are collaborating with organizations such as JICA, JST and JSPS to strengthen collaboration with researchers and groups in and outside of Japan.

CategoryMathematics/Science, ICT, Teacher training, Others (Medical, Technology, Agriculture)
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Research
  3. Contributing to the Local Community
Countries where we workedChina, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Brunei, Turkey and more


Publisher for teacher’s skill up books and educational software. Main product is a software for mathematics (IM) in primary school lesson. Proceeding a 3-years project with JICA since 2018 to evaluate ICT lesson with IM in primary school in Rwanda. Achieved score up at 52 points after only 2 days training for teachers and a week lesson in classroom. Studying biz opportunity not only in East Africa but also in West Africa. Ready to start collaborating study with ACEITLMS, academic institute in University of Rwanda. IM has English and French version, applicable local language (option).

CategoryTextbook/Material development,ICT,Teacher training, Mathematics/Science
What we do
  1. School lesson in primary school
  2. Teacher training
  3. Comply with syllabus
Countries where we workedRepublic of Rwanda

Chukyo University

Chukyo University has two campuses with 10 undergraduate schools and 9 postgraduate ones. In 2020, we will establish an international faculty and aim to be more strongly connected to the world. We are a member of ISEP. ISEP is an international university association with about 350 member schools in 56 countries. Our over 500 students study abroad at universities in many regions (countries) through ISEP and Individual agreement schools of exchange program.
We are also committed to international activities. For example, research exchanges with overseas universities such as the University of Venice, and implementation of a dispatch project that is a joint project with JICA for the purpose of providing sports guidance to developing countries.

CategoryPhysical education/Sports, Extracurricular activities, School health, Math/Science education, ICT, Teacher education, School facility, Career education
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Research
  3. Social contributions School lesson in primary school
Countries where we workedUSA, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, France, Australia, Argentina ,Botswana, etc.
TEL(+81) 52‐835-7138

Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd.

Tata Group is one of the world’s leading conglomerates established in India 150 years ago. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) provides IT services / consulting / business solutions.
TCS education solution iON is a cloud-based comprehensive solution that supports education in a new era, enabling the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire education business to be improved. With our global experience and the highest level of technology, we support the Japanese education industry.

What we do
  1. IT services
  2. Consulting
  3. Business solutions Education
Countries where we workedIndia


Our company is based in Da Nang, Vietnam, and develop educational business. We have the slogan “To find self wings”, we aim to foster entrepreneurship, independence to nurture children who can play an active role in the international community through “SELFWING V-KIDS Kindergarten” and “SELFWING V-GARDEN”.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, School facility, Physical education/Sports, Moral Education, Career education, Teacher education, Others(Entrepreneuer education)
What we do
  1. SELFWING V-KIDS Kindergarten
  3. Kindergarten and educational facility franchise
Countries where we worked 【SELFWING CO.,LTD.】Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan
URL http://selfwingvn.com
TEL 【SELFWING CO.,LTD.】03-6261-5118
【SELFWING VIETNAM CO.,LTD.】+84-236-396-8181

MARUZEN-YUSHODO Company, Limited

As one of the biggest Japanese companies to import and export books and other educational materials founded in 1869, we recently provide e-book and e-textbook platforms respectively both for educational institutions (libraries) as well as teachers, students and other individuals.
Publishers can provide libraries and/ or students with e-books and e-textbooks via our online platforms. Also teachers can upload their original materials on our platform for educational use.
We also support digitization of publications, production of educational materials (including copyright clearance etc.).
Other business activities include general exporting and importing of books and educational materials as well as supporting the networking of global educational/research institutions and individuals.

CategoryICT、Textbook/Material development、School facility
What we do
  1. Providing online platform for e-Books, e-Textbooks and other educational materials
  2. Supporting the production of original educational materials
  3. Importing and exporting educational/ research contents
Countries where we worked North America, Europe, China, South Korea and ASEAN countries
URL http://yushodo.maruzen.co.jp/corp/en/
TEL(+81) 3-6367-6200

Prograbook Co., Ltd.

We provide programing education services for children all over the world and in Japan. Learning starts from pre-school children to understand basic programming structure by using card-based programming language called “Prograbook Start-up Package” instead of using computers. Then, we offer programming education based on visual and text language material and “game development and digital music production”. This education system is under PCT international patent-pending and we plan to provide online classes for children outside Japan in the near future.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development
What we do
  1. Programming education system
  2. Programming education curriculum
  3. Online programming education system
Countries where we worked Japan
URL https://prograbook.com/
TEL(+81) 3-6868-3412

Knowrel System, Inc.

We have been studying AI and education for about 20 years. You can freely define your thoughts (rules) and knowledge (facts, etc.) in free sentences including foreign languages, and can let your PC think accordingly. We would like to spread such programming overseas. We hope that morally superior concepts in various languages will be laid out in a variety of familiar scenes and will be proposed as more useful hypotheses for other cultures.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, Moral Education
What we do
  1. think-programming method
  2. free-text
  3. moral education
Countries where we worked Japan
URL https://humanote.xyz/

Yakuzemi Informative Education Center Co., Ltd.

Yakuzemi Informative Education Center Co., Ltd. is a member of MIZUHO Group, which is engaged in medical, educational, and welfare field. MIZUHO Group has educational facilities such as Yakugaku Seminar, a prep school for the national pharmacist examination, and a professional training college for physiotherapists. Recently, we have experiences in conducting the following projects overseas;
・JICA SDGs Business Model Formulation Survey on pharmaceutical education in Kyrgyzstan in 2019
・Feasibility study for the construction of the Kyrgyzstan IFC rehabilitation hospital in 2019
・Study tour on promoting proper drug use in Kyrgyzstan in 2019
・Project for the global growth of medical technologies, systems, and services in pharmaceutical education started in 2020 in Vietnam.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, School facility, Math/Science education, School health, Career education, Teacher education
What we do
  1. Medical
  2. Education
  3. Welfare and nursing care
Countries where we worked Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam
URL http://www.yakuzemi-support.com/
TEL(+81) 3-5577-4203 / (+81) 3-3518-8244

ELMO Company, Ltd.

ELMO was found in 1921. We are a leading manufacturer of document cameras, interactive flat panels with learning support software, and AV solutions for conference rooms. We are delivering ELMO products to help children to learn fundamental skills like reading or writing, and students to improve their basic academic skills. Our products are made for the purpose, and we wish ELMO will turn out to be a fun for teachers and students around the world.
We are also good at providing our knowledge of how to make interactive lessons by using ELMO. We hope we can collaborate with other companies to help more educators and learners.

What we do
  1. Document camera
  2. Interactive flat panel and Learnign support system
  3. AV solutions for meeting and conference rooms
Countries where we worked Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Philippines
URL https://www.elmousa.com/


UNI-TY INC. is an internet service development company.
We develop websites, web systems, and apps. We are developing the “Play & Learn! Series” app in the field of education in Japan and localizing some of them overseas. We are distributing the Vietnamese version on the cloud game service “Cloud Game” in Vietnam.

What we do
  1. Internet services (web site, web system, and apps)
  2. Development of education apps
  3. Play & Learn! Series
Countries where we worked Vietnam, UAE, Thailand
URL http://www.uni-ty.com/en/
TEL(+81) 6-4391-8880

NPO Colorbath

Colorbath works on education programs connecting the world, and social business programs creating employments in Japan, Malawi, and Nepal.
Under the mission of “Shape the hope, Nurture the future.” we aim to build a warm-hearted community where everyone can live by their own values.

CategoryExtracurricular activities, School health, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Career education/TVET, Others (International exchange, Leaders training program)
What we do
  1. International exchange program conneting Japanese and overseas classrooms
  2. Social business program for creating employments
  3. Consulting
Countries where we workedNepal, Malawi


As a development consulting firm, PADECO meets various challenges through programs and projects across a wide range of sectors, including education and human resources development, transport, urban and regional development, industrial and institutional management, information technology, and the environment and climate change. PADECO is an international consulting firm that has been providing professional services from project conception to completion. Our multinational staff combines extensive experience, technical and managerial skills, and versatility to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of people around the world.

CategoryExtracurricular activities, Math/Science education, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Career education, Others (TVET, Higher education)
What we do
  1. International Development Consulting
  2. Surveys
  3. Project implementation (including training program)
Countries where we workedEgypt, Cambodia, Ghana, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Nepal, Lao P.D.R, etc.
TEL(+81) 3-5733-0855

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

A Japanese electronics manufacturer that handles watches, calculators, electronic dictionaries, etc. In the field of education, we have been expanding GAKUHAN activities using scientific calculators all over the world for 50 years. Scientific calculators, which have been developed and improved with teachers in each country, are used in classes as a tool to acquire mathematical thinking at Japan and abroad. Through educational support of these business activities, we are making efforts to nurture the next generation who will be responsible for the future development of society.
※GAKUHAN:Activities to support teachers and students to realize better mathematics education.

CategoryMath/Science education, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education
What we do
  1. Mathematics education
  2. Scientific calculator
  3. Teacher training
Countries where we workedChina, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, South Africa, etc.
TEL(+81) 3-5334-4279

University of the Ryukyus

The University of the Ryukyus is a national university of Japan in Okinawa Prefecture that aims to become “a university that creates a prosperous society for the future together with the local community”.
Thus far, we have concluded academic exchange agreements with 121 institutions in 42 countries/areas and established 5 liaison offices in foreign countries/areas with the purpose of the university’s globalization.
In the sphere of education, the university was awarded acceptance of our proposal for the “Inter-University Exchange Project” by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology MEXT to grow the leaders who contribute to the achievement of SDGs.
CategoryPhysical education/Sports, Music, School health, Math/Science education, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Extracurricular activities, Career education/TVET, Inclusive education
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Research
Countries where we workedNations in the Asian and Pacific regions in particular
TEL(+81) 98-895-8032

The Japanese school in Bahrain

Taking the greatest advantage of Japanese schools which are able to develop Japanese-style educational activities overseas, we will take up issues facing the Kingdom of Bahrain from the perspective of SDGs in the “The period of Integrated study” at Japanese school, and make long-term efforts to resolve the issues.
In addition, the collaborative and exploratory learning process and its results will be presented and shared with the target schools (target companies).

CategoryICT、Other(The period of Integrated study(SDGs, ESD))
What we do
  1. SDGs
  2. ESD
Country where we workedBahrain
TEL+973 1779 1550


We provide learning for all generations, from infants to adults, with books, educational toys, digital learning materials and other content to help them live and learn in ways that suit their homes, communities, schools, cram schools and other settings.
In terms of overseas development, we operate educational services, publishing and medical welfare businesses from a base of 20 offices, mainly in Southeast Asia.
In developing countries, we provide official development assistance, support for the overseas expansion of private companies and assistance for social entrepreneurs.

CategoryPhysical education/Sports, Music, Math/Science education, School health, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Career education/TVET, Moral education
What we do
  1. Gakken Classroom and Learning Center Business
  2. Publishing Contents Business
  3. Healthcare, Nursing and Nursery School Business
Countries where we workedThailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, etc.

LabHok Co., Ltd.

LabHok is a member of the Benesse and Softbank group. Its parent company, Classi, provides an educational SaaS in Japan, and half of the high schools are using the service now.
LabHok also provides an educational SaaS in Viet Nam. Many schools, mainly middle schools in Hanoi, have already used LabHok. Since more and more students are expected to enter higher education in Viet Nam, we provide the service to (1) reduce teachers’ workload to prepare and score homework and tests and (2) enable students to prepare for the graduation exams by themselves efficiently.

Category Math/Science education, ICT, Teacher education
What we do
  1. Educational SaaS
  2. Digital transformation in schools
  3. Personalized learning in education
Countries where we worked Vietnam
TEL+84 0397-589-890
Email ryuji.ishikawa@labhok.com


The company has a history of more than 70 years publishing mathematics, science, and English textbooks for elementary to high school students. The company also has overseas operations in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other countries.

Category Math/Science education, ICT, Textbook/Material development
What we do
  1. Textbook
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
Countries where we worked Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa
URL https://www.shinko-keirin.co.jp/sustainability/sdgs.php


SPRIX is a comprehensive educational company that develops cram schools and educational content.
In addition to developing cram schools nationwide such as “Mori Juku”, which is the largest tutoring school in Japan with an average number of students per classroom, and “Independent Learning RED”, there are also multiple learning content teaching materials with the top share. We are developing and publishing.
The “Test Of Fundamental Academic Skills TOFAS” developed by SPRIX has a cumulative total of more than 100,000 examinees in 20 countries worldwide, and can evaluate basic academic ability based on international standards.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education
What we do
  1. Class preparation
  2. Information sharing platform for teachers
  3. Class management
Countries where we worked Senegal, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia
TEL(+81) 3-3241-5967
Email cbt@sprix.jp

SuRaLa Net Co.,Ltd.

With the corporate philosophy of “Innovate education, empower children to drive their futures” SuRaLa Net provides the adaptive interactive ICT teaching materials “Surala” and “Surala Drill” to more than 430,000 students in about 2,500 tuition schools and schools in Japan.
Starting the overseas business in 2014, we introduce our solutions to private schools and tuition schools as well as NGOs in many countries. Also, as Japanese-style education has been attracting attention in many countries around the world in recent years, we have been selected for projects by the Japanese government and international organizations, and are expanding our activities.

CategoryMath/Science education, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Extracurricular activities
What we do
  1. E-learning material for Mathematics
  2. Consulting for introduction of digital education
  3. Facilitator training for digital learning
Countries where we worked Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Palau, Myanmar, India
URL https://surala-net.com/
TEL(+81) 3-5283-5158 
Email Info-overseas@surala.jp


In July 2010, we established a local subsidiary in Taiwan to accelerate the development of our business of disseminating Japanese culture, tourism, and education. In October of the same year, the first JAPAN SAKURA BASE store opened, with plans to expand into Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand by 2023.

CategoryICT, Extracurricular activities
What we do
  1. Global Consulting for Educational(school) Trip
  2. Culture Dissemination Base “JAPAN SAKURA BASE”
  3. Global Promotion
Countries where we worked Taiwan, Hong Kong
URL https://taiwan.sb-ja.jp/en/
Email info@sb-ja.jp

Osaka Metropolitan University

The COIL Promotion Office of the International Education Center takes the lead in implementing a program to foster social innovators who can solve problems in local communities and societies, incorporating active learning. In addition, students from multiple countries and regions, including developing countries, are practicing collaborative learning through active learning via online. We develop teaching materials and human resource as well as design programs associated with these activities.

CategoryICT, Special Activities, Extracurricular Activities, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Other(social innovation education)
What we do
  1. Development of teaching materials and human resource for active learning
  2. Support for online collaborative learning
  3. Social innovation education
Countries where we workedUSA, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Zambia etc.
URL http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/
TEL06-6605-2249(COIL Promotion Office)
Email gr-las-coil_@omu.ac.jp