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GESS Dubai 2019

EDU-Port Japan will run a booth at GESS Dubai 2019.
The details are as follows;

1. Overview

Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS) Dubai 2019 is the meeting place for educators to further their knowledge, learn from their peers and continue to promote the highest quality of education in the region.

2. Overview of EDU-Port booth

GESS Dubai 2019

EDUCA 2017

The “Dissemination of Japanese-style Education Using Public-Private Collaborative Platforms (EDU-Port Japan Project)” will be presented at the EDUCA 2017 Education Expo (Bangkok, Thailand).

1. Overview

EDUCA is an education expo focusing mainly on developing teachers’ capabilities. Leading education researchers and experts will give seminars, and education-related companies will exhibit their materials and products.

2. Japan’s presentations at EDUCA

1 ) Japan Special Seminar Oct. 17

Time Topics Presenter
9:00-10:30 Fostering competency in 知(chi)・徳(toku)・体(tai) (solid academic ability, richness in humanity and healthy body) in Japanese education Ministry Of Education , Culture, Sports, Science And Technology-Japan
Mr. Hiroshi Moritomo
11:00-12:30 Stimulating New Mode of Learning for the 21 Century: Building Collaboration for Better Teaching and Learning National Institute for School Teachers and Staff Development (NITS), JAPAN
Mr. Makito YURITA & Others
13:30-15:00 Professional development using Lesson Study based on practices at Bangkok Japanese School Tokyo Gakugei University
Mr. Toshiakira Fujii
15:30-17:00 "Mikke" The Japanese style learning platform Mikke Project
Mr. Jun Enomoto & Others

2 )Japan Pavilion Oct. 16-18

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