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【Project Name】

Creation of diverse learning opportunities through collaboration between Sri Lanka and Japan

  • Representative Organization
    SuRaLa Net Co., Ltd.
  • Country
    Sri Lanka
  • Project Type
    Supported Project
  • Fiscal Year
  • Project Overview

    This project aims to enhance learning support that is inclusive for the impoverished people in Sri Lanka, where social disruption is also growing due to COVID-19 and worsening economic conditions. To expand collaboration with educational institutions and NGOs, this project will hold a seminar to introduce initiatives utilizing digital education. Additionally, Digital Math Contest incorporating Japanese-style math education will be held as an international competition among SuRaLa operating countries including Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Furthermore, an event in which Japanese students will also compete by the amount of learning will be held, thereby fostering independence and an international perspective in students of participating countries through exchange among participants including those from Sri Lanka and Japan.