What is Japanese-Style Education ?

Japanese educational system provides children with certain quality education across the board and maintains high enrollment rates. Japanese students consistently rank highly among OECD students in terms of quality and performance in reading literacy, mathematics, and science.

Some special features of Japanese-Style Education are

  • Holistic education approach with solid academic ability, rich humanity and a healthy body throughout the entire school life including not only lessons but also extracurricular activities.
  • Quality teachers who are continuously upgrading their teaching skills through systematic teacher trainings and in-house trainings with lesson studies.
  • Colleges of technology, KOSEN, develop engineers so they will have practical and sophisticated skills.




■ Holistic education approach with Solid academic ability, Rich humanity and a Healthy body

This video introduces the characteristics of Japanese education from the viewpoint of teachers.

■ One day of elementary school students in Japan


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■ School lunch