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What is Japanese-Style Education?

Japanese educational system provides children with certain quality education across the board and maintains high enrollment rates. Japanese students consistently rank highly among OECD students in terms of quality and performance in reading literacy, mathematics, and science.

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Q&Afrequently asked questions

How can I find partners ?
The platform members here at EDU-Port Japan are looking for partners. Here is the list of Platform Members for Educational Collaboration.
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How can we apply Japanese-Style Education ?
JOURNAL provides you some hints on how to apply Japanese-Style Education overseas.
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What are the activities of EDU-Port Japan ?
EDU-Port Japan implements 3 main activities; running a public-private collaboration platform, formulating projects and developing models for introducing Japanese-style education overseas.


  • This video introduces the characteristics of Japanese education from the viewpoint of teachers.

  • This animation video introduces Japanese-style education at elementary school level. (Subtitles in multiple languages provided)