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Pilot study on improving school health environments using ICT

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    NPO Colorbath
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    Research Project
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    The aim of this project is to clarify the actual status of school health environments in Malawi by utilizing ICT, and to create a general-purpose demonstration model by carrying out activities to solve challenges for this environment.
    The project will summarize the facility environment in the school health and ICT fields in Malawi, and the facts behind efforts, as well as the awareness of teachers, in each field. Based on this study, pilot activities will be carried out to improve school health environments by utilizing knowledge on Japanese-style education in relation to health staff and school organization management. In doing so, the aim will be to use ICT for reciprocal learning via exchanges between schools in Japan and Malawi, and for this to become a model case for international exchange in the with/post-COVID-19 era.