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Enhancement of English teaching program for elementary school teaches in Cambodian Teacher Training Center by connecting with Japan while applying remote technology and Japanese-developed teaching materials.

  • Representative Organization
    Japan Society for Educational Technology EDU – Port project
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  • Project Type
    Pilot Project
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  • Project Overview

    The project will be conducted as the co-operations between industry and university; know-how and knowledge of ICT enhancement in education by Japan Society for Educational Technology and know-how of creating an educational environment by UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD.. In Siem Reap National Teacher Training Center, we will conduct training for English education in primary schools by utilizing digital materials – an educational resource of Japan. We will also support in extending English teaching with videos and rhythm teaching materials to the students in countryside through networks.
    Through this project, we will share the know-how of Japanese ICT enhancement in education that creates new value in collaboration through the effective use of of ICT equipment such as showing, listening to, enlarging and comparing.