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Exporting Japanese-style dance education “Creative Dance” that combines body formation and art experience

  • Representative Organization
  • Country
    Hong Kong, Romania, Korea
  • Project Type
    Pilot Project
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  • Project Overview

    70 years ago, “a dance program” in school education was converted 180 degrees from teaching materials to bringing out the individual ability of “self-expression”, and this had been produced what we know today as “Creative Dance”.
    In recent year, it has been re-evaluated as a type of learning that contributes to abilities that AI is unable to match (a body sensation, an innovation, etc.) and communication skills. Through cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Culture in University of Miyazaki and the General Policy Division in Miyazaki Prefecture, this project aims to export Creative Dance to regions with diverse values including Hong Kong, and to foster people who can contribute to the global society while at the same time creating new values.