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【Project Name】

Project for overseas expansion of ‘SHIN-SOUSAKU-DANCE’ that combines ‘appreciation lessons’ (‘tokkatsu’ cultural activity) with Japanese-style educational ‘SOUSAKU-DANCE’

  • Representative Organization
    General Incorporated Association namstrops
  • Country
    China, Singapore, and Korea
  • Project Type
    Supported Project
  • Fiscal Year
  • Project Overview

    This project will introduce to foreign countries ‘independent and interactive deep learning’ combining cultural ‘appreciation lessons’ that gradually deepen a sense of belonging to a group and feelings of solidarity, with SOUSAKU-DANCE in PE class, as SHIN-SOUSAKU-DANCE, a model for expanding Japanese-style education. Specifically, while providing an opportunity for Japanese schools and dance instructors in the target countries to engage in appreciation lessons and creative dance, the project will co-create a model that the stakeholders involved in the project can easily expand in their respective country or region and contribute to cultivating rich sensitivity in the children who participate.