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Introduction of Japanese-style music education in primary education in Colombia

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    Yamaha Corporation
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    Supported Project
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    In collaboration with the Colombian Ministry of Culture, this project will conduct pilot lessons in Japanese-style music education using recorders for children at 30 public elementary schools. In the class, “musical instruments”, which is one of the characteristics of Japanese-style music education, is mainly used as well as singing, music appreciation, and music making. By adopting collaboration and exploration in the class, the project will realize “proactive, interactive, and authentic learning” overseas to contribute to globalize Japanese-style education. In addition, in partnership with a Japanese education support company, the project will measure what kind of “Non-Cognitive Skills” Japanese-style music education can foster in children. Through these activities, this project aims to expand evidence-based Japanese-style music education overseas and improve the quality of education in public schools in Colombia.