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OrganizationGakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
TitleGakken Home Learning Support Project
City, CountryJapan

The “Gakken Home Learning Support Project” is a free learning service launched by Gakken Group on March 2, 2020 in response to the temporary closure of all elementary, junior high, high, and special needs education schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection. The project has been continued to provide contents and services that contribute to the ease of children’s anxiety towards home study and the maintenance of their academic ability.
The project features a wide variety of contents that can facilitate learning at home and help continuing learning, such as movies of “Yasashiku Marugoto Shogaku” series for elementary school students and of “Hitotsu Hitotsu Wakariyasuku” series for junior high school students.
Digital education materials of “New Course Learning System/New Wide Learning Encyclopaedia” are popular in particular, which can be accessed at free until February 2021. The former is an ICT education material being used at schools nationwide and the latter is a learning encyclopaedia most suitable for research and for self-study at home.
Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. has been engaging in education, publishing, and medical and welfare under its vision of “Learn with Gakken! We are Playful and Exiting Enterprise!” and is firmly determined to continue to provide learners with learning support services.

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