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OrganizationJapan Environmental Management Association For Industry
TitleHomepage for elementary school students to learn about environment and recycling
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Japan Environmental Management Association For Industry uploads many teaching and learning materials on Environmental Education for teachers and students which can be utilized during online lessons in the circumstances of COVID-19.

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◆Special features

1.Following the flow of textbooks

As teachers easily utilize at elementary school, contents are organized following the flow of textbooks (Social Study and Home Economics). It also follows the learning process of students starting from “let’s research”, “let’s think”, “let’s research more”, “let’s think more”, “let’s try”, and “let’s tell others”.

2.Many illustrations and figures are utilized for teaching material

There are illustrations and figures which help students understand waste management, 3R, and scientific information. Production and recycling system of plastic and glass bottles is explained.

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3.Supporting children to take the initiative

There are corners to answer children’s questions and display their works such as handicrafts made of used materials and posters. Children can download worksheets to research how to throw out garbage, plan recycling and report their activities.

4.Cartoons and worksheets for teachers

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URL of Resource Recycling Promotion Centerhttp://www.cjc.or.jp