Japan Environmental Management Association For Industry

OrganizationJapan Environmental Management Association For Industry
TitleHomepage for lower and upper secondary school students and citizens to learn about environment and recycling
City, CountryJapan

Japan Environmental Management Association For Industry uploads many teaching and learning materials on Environmental Education for teachers and students which can be utilized during online lessons in the circumstances of COVID-19.

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◆Special Features


1.Rich in data and case studies

For example, where are clothes from? Where will they go after we use? How is the situation of food loss abroad? How is plastic recycled? There are various data and case studies to explain resource circulation based on each one’s interest.

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2.Utilization of knowledge and inquiry-based learning

You can widen and deepen your understanding on economy, society, environment and international situation, while obtaining and utilizing knowledge on resource circulation with some clues. Efforts of administration bodies and companies are introduced and they may help your choice of future career.

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URL of Resource Recycling Promotion Centerhttp://www.cjc.or.jp