Oisca Jakarta Kindergarten

OrganizationOisca Jakarta Kindergarten
TitleContinuous support for learning and child rearing by Japanese Kindergarten in Indonesia
City, CountrySouth Jakarta in Indonesia, Tokyo in Japan, etc.

Oisca Jakarta Kindergarten has been closed since graduation ceremony on March 13, 2020 due to the Indonesian Government measures for COVID-19 outbreak prevention. Parents of most children belong to Oiska Jakarta Kindergarten work for Japanese firms in Jakarta, and they temporarily returned to Japan from the end of March. In some cases, only a father stayed in Jakarta and a mother and children returned to Japan. To secure learning for children and support mothers, Japanese teachers and Indonesian staff of our kindergarten provide the following continuous service:

1. Online and Offline support for children

  • Online Kindergarten:
    Educational programs are provided to children in all grades through Zoom on weekdays, and events including birthday party are organized during weekends. University students who want to be a teacher of elementary school and kindergarten join the programs and teach children dance and songs, while they learn online teaching methods. Indonesian staff instructed by Japanese teachers also provide educational programs to Japanese and Indonesian children belonging to International Department.
  • Exchanging letters:
    Teachers send post cards and letters to children. Children received seeds of morning glory enclosed with a letter, sowed them and reported their growing to teachers by Zoom.
  • Inquiry activities using Zoom:
    Based on each child’s interests, teachers provide educational programs including handcrafting and dialogue.
  • Video streaming:
    apanese teachers and Indonesian staff produce video clips based on curricula and distribute them to each family. Indonesian staff are in charge of contents related to life and children’s play in Indonesia.

2.Online support for children and parents

  • Making sweets using Zoom:
    Head of kindergarten and children decide what kind of sweet they will make through discussion. Parents and children prepare ingredients and cooking tools and make sweets with the support of Head of kindergarten.

3.Online support for parents

  • Consultation on child rearing:
    Head of kindergarten listens to mothers and provides them with advice on child rearing.
  • Chatting meeting:
    Head of kindergarten organizes online chatting meeting for parents temporary live in Japan.
  • Lectures:
    Head of kindergarten gives lectures on stress management under the circumstances of COVID-19, children’s books, etc.
  • Distribution of Newsletters:
    The kindergarten publishes “Kindergarten Newsletter” on educational programs and recent situation of the kindergarten and Jakarta and “Child rearing Newsletter” on child rearing advice.