4th Quest Career in Hanoi 2018 Report (2017 EDU-Port Supported Project: Educa & Quest Inc.)


On November 4, 2018, the 4th Quest Career in HaNoi was held by Educa & Quest Inc. targeting Vietnamese university students at Hanoi University, Vietnam.
“Quest Career” is an active learning career educational event that aims to bridge local young people and Japanese companies and deepen mutual understanding.
“Quest Career in HaNoi 2018” received attention from over 15 media outlets including Vietnam VTC10, Vietnam News Agency, which are the local media.
Employees of five Japanese companies in Vietnam, such as Inoac Corporation, H.I.S, Acecook Vietnam, All Nippon Airways, and Daiwa House Industry, played the role as instructors to tell the participants about their real experience and sense of satisfaction with working in Japanese companies.
Each company assigned a mission to Vietnamese students “Realize ●●’s (company name) philosophy and propose a new business that would surprise Vietnamese people! ! ! “. and they worked on a Japanese presentation to complete the mission after a two-hour planning session.
The team which won the Grand Prix was “The Happy” team consisting of five female students from Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University, Universtiy of Languages and International Studies, and Vietnam National University, Hanoi. They proposed Acecook Vietnam as a long-term strategy along with an amusement business including an establishment of amusement park (that are few in Vietnam), where you can enjoy and obtain the knowledge on food.
“The Happy” team will be invited to Japan in February 2019 as an extra prize. They will visit Ace Cook’s headquarters and give a presentation to the executives. They will also make a presentation at the Quest Cup 2019 National Conference, where Japanese junior high and high school students will attend and consider companies for their plan on February 23.

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