GTI Consortium Symposium 2018 (2017 EDU-Port Supported Project: Shibaura Institute of Technology)


On November 30, 2018, the EDU-Port Japan Secretariat participated in the GTI Consortium Symposium 2018, organized by GTI Consortium office under Shibaura Institute of Technology, which is a part of activities of 2017 EDU-Port supported project.
There were more than 350 participants including those from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
According to the opening remarks of Shibaura Institute of Technology Managing Director Hisaya Igarashi and President Masato Murakami, three years have passed since the establishment of the GTI Consortium, and more than 200 organizations are registered today.
At the symposium, three cases of gPBL (global Project Based Learning), an important activity of the consortium, were introduced. Japanese students and local young staff worked together on the issues presented by local companies overseas as one of the cases. This case showed that both young staff from local industries and Japanese students learned many things through exchanging differences, which was very effective in fostering global leaders. It seemed that this activity is a good example of generating synergy of industry, academia and government collaborations.
Deputy President of Shibaura Institute of Technology Masahiro Inoue summarized the characteristic of the GTI Consortium as research as well as practice. He also stated that it is important to increase the number of experienced teachers in strong partnerships of industry, academia and government to disseminate these cutting-edge practices to create new education to the world
Speakers of Symposium told us that the GTI Consortium has been contributing to establish a significant international network of industry, academia and government, by fostering many talented young global human resources.
This initiative will also contribute to EDU-Port’s goals of “internationalization of education in Japan”, “expansion of future Japanophile”, and “contributing to Japanese economic growth”.
Note: The GTI Consortium (Global Technology Initiative Consortium) has been established in Japan and Southeast Asia to strengthen collaboration between industry, academia and government. By taking up issues in industrial fields, social issues including environment and disaster prevention in Southeast Asian countries and solving those issues by university students, the GTI Consortium aims for the improvement of the quality of education, human resource development and supply, the creation of innovation, and the strengthening of the industrial competitiveness.


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