Introduction of the “Mizuno Hexathlon Program” to the public elementary schools in Vietnam (MIZUNO CORPORATION)




To provide all children in Vietnam with joy and pleasure of physical exercise by introducing Hexathlon program to the public elementary schools in Vietnam.

【About Hexathlon】

vietnam-hexathlon-introduction-pr-biz2.jpgHexathlon is the name of physical education program developed by Mizuno Corporation.
Hexathlon program includes:
a) Exercises with the provided equipment
b) Basic motions such as throwing, catching and hitting
c) Combination of physical fitness and basic motion skills
Through this program, all children will have chances to develop their potential abilities in sports and become more active, flexible and confident. This program also helps children improve their skills such as studying, communication and activity.

【Current Problems of the Education Environment in Vietnam】

vietnam-hexathlon-introduction-pr-biz3.jpg1: Less time spent for exercise
As of this moment, the total time spent in a PE class in Vietnamese elementary school is approximately 430 hours during the whole period. Considering the average school attendance rate, this is the main part of their life-time physical exercises for 55% of the total population in Vietnam. This is ten times less the number of the industrialized countries, and it is considerably lower than Japan.

2: Stereotype PE program
The current instruction manuals for teachers, issued by Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam, does not focus on the children’s abilities such as “Run”, “Jump” and “Throw” compared to Japan, and it is making those abilities of the children weaker.

3: Shortage of Sports Facilities
As of this moment, many elementary schools in Vietnam do not have playgrounds and most of their gymnasiums have only bare concrete floors.

【Expected Effects by Hexathlon Program】

vietnam-hexathlon-introduction-pr-biz4.jpgThis program will improve the children’s abilities such as:

  • Thinking
  • Expressing
  • Judging
  • Learning continuously
  • Understanding others
  • Caring for others
  • Controlling oneself
  • Exercising essential body movements

Mizuno is happy to contribute in finding solution of improving the physical fitness and mental health of the children in Vietnam who drive their future forward.