The Uchida Yoko Group is reforming its mid/long-term corporate management policy under its corporate vision of “creating value from data and collaborating in the design of knowledge”. Throughout our history, we have cultivated business relations with a variety of clients in both private and public sectors. We exhibit a unique business structure that is based on ICT-related businesses that account for 60% of our sales, with other 40% in environmental businesses.  By taking advantage of our business relationships with a variety of clients and our unique business structure, furthermore utilizing know-how from long term overseas business experiences, we plan on creating a business that focuses on reforming “styles of working,”“ educational systems” and“ city development systems” to resolve the new challenges of our clients that will become apparent by the changes in the social/industrial structures that are expected to take place after 2020.
Category ICT, Textbook / Material development, School facility
What we do1.Products & Services for Educational Solutions.
2.Products & Services for Office Environmental Solutions.
3.Products & Services for IT Solutions.
Countries we’ve workedCambodia, Philippines
TEL(+81) 3-5634-6708
Email satoru-hattori@uchida.co.jp