Chukyo University

Chukyo University has two campuses with 10 undergraduate schools and 9 postgraduate ones. In 2020, we will establish an international faculty and aim to be more strongly connected to the world. We are a member of ISEP. ISEP is an international university association with about 350 member schools in 56 countries. Our over 500 students study abroad at universities in many regions (countries) through ISEP and Individual agreement schools of exchange program.
We are also committed to international activities. For example, research exchanges with overseas universities such as the University of Venice, and implementation of a dispatch project that is a joint project with JICA for the purpose of providing sports guidance to developing countries.
Category ICT, School facility, Math / Science education, Physical education / Sports, School health, Special activities / Extracurricular activities, Career education, Teacher education
What we do1.Education
3.Social contributions School lesson in primary school
Countries we’ve workedUSA, Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, France, Australia, Argentina ,Botswana
TEL(+81) 52‐835-7138