ELMO Company, Ltd.

ELMO was found in 1921. We are a leading manufacturer of document cameras, interactive flat panels with learning support software, and AV solutions for conference rooms. We are delivering ELMO products to help children to learn fundamental skills like reading or writing, and students to improve their basic academic skills. Our products are made for the purpose, and we wish ELMO will turn out to be a fun for teachers and students around the world.
We are also good at providing our knowledge of how to make interactive lessons by using ELMO. We hope we can collaborate with other companies to help more educators and learners.
Category ICT
What we do1.Document camera
2.Interactive flat panel and Learnign support system
3.AV solutions for meeting and conference rooms
Countries we’ve workedIndonesia, Vietnam, India, Philippines
TEL(+81) 80-4074-6170
Email nosaka-ko@elmo.co.jp