Shinshu University

The Faculty of Education of Shinshu University has conducted international joint researches in various fields, such as school health, health education, environmental education and ESD, in collaboration with academic institutions in Asian and African developing countries. Currently, we are conducting an empirical research which includes policy analysis and teacher training in the areas related to health and environmental education. In addition, we are engaged in the development of textbooks and teaching materials especially for teacher training institutions in developing countries. Furthermore, we have provided teacher trainings from developing countries upon request from JICA.
Category Textbook / Material development, School facility, School health, Special activities / Extracurricular activities, Teacher education
What we do1.School Health
2.Teacher Training
3.Development of teaching materials and textbooks
Countries we’ve workedLao PDR, Thailand, Nepal, Kenya, Niger, Maldives
TEL(+81) 26-238-4025 (Office) / (+81) 26-238-4167 (Project chief)
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