We provide learning for all generations, from infants to adults, with books, educational toys, digital learning materials and other content to help them live and learn in ways that suit their homes, communities, schools, cram schools and other settings.
In terms of overseas development, we operate educational services, publishing and medical welfare businesses from a base of 20 offices, mainly in Southeast Asia.
In developing countries, we provide official development assistance, support for the overseas expansion of private companies and assistance for social entrepreneurs.
Category Career education, Early Childhood Education, ICT, Math / Science education, Moral Education, Music / Art, Physical education / Sports, Textbook / Material development
What we do1.Gakken Classroom and Learning Center Business
2.Publishing Contents Business
3.Healthcare, Nursing and Nursery School Business
Countries we’ve workedThailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Germany, France, Canada, Australia