LabHok Co., Ltd.

LabHok is a member of the Benesse and Softbank group. Its parent company, Classi, provides an educational SaaS in Japan, and half of the high schools are using the service now.
LabHok also provides an educational SaaS in Viet Nam. Many schools, mainly middle schools in Hanoi, have already used LabHok. Since more and more students are expected to enter higher education in Viet Nam, we provide the service to (1) reduce teachers’ workload to prepare and score homework and tests and (2) enable students to prepare for the graduation exams by themselves efficiently.
Category ICT, Math / Science education, Teacher education
What we do1.Educational SaaS
2.Digital transformation in schools
3.Personalized learning in education
Countries we’ve workedVietnam
TEL+84 0397-589-890