University of Fukui

The University of Fukui has established the Headquarters for General Professional Development of Teachers to promote the organization and advancement of teacher education that supports the formation of teaching expertise in Japan and abroad, as well as to promote research, training, and evaluation. Through JICA-contracted projects and yen loan projects of the Japanese government, the International Professional Development Division strengthens the capacity of in-service teachers overseas and serves as a nodal point for diverse human resources, including MEXT teacher training students and ALTs (assistant language teachers), to support the internationalization of education and the formation of a globalized society.
Category Math / Science education, Special activities / Extracurricular activities, Teacher education, Inclusive education, Others
What we do1.Teacher training and teacher education
2.Professional learning community
3.Practical research
Countries we’ve workedMalawi, Uganda, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, Pakistan
TEL0776-27-8986 (教員養成担当:半原) / 0776-27-9872 (プロジェクト担当:丸山)