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Practicing Japanese-style curriculum utilizing digital teaching materials developed by Japan through connecting 2 centers in Cambodia with Japan

  • Representative Organization
    Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
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  • Project Type
    Pilot Project
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  • Project Overview

    This project conducts teaching method training for primary English by utilizing digital materials which is an educational resource of Japan. It enhances students to realize what they are able to do through shifting the basic learning style from One-way to Interactive. This project is being conducted both in Siem Reap Teacher Training College and Phnom Penh Teacher Education College under academic-industrial alliance:

    ・JAPAN SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY as a hub of consortium by academic institutes having knowledge on ICT education.
    ・UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD. having know-how to set up an educational environment enhanced by ICT.
    ・NIPPON FUKUSHI UNIVERSITY and KANSAI UNIVERSITY dispatching volunteers to contribute to the project.