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Enriching practice and research on Ecohealth education through introduction of Japanese style teacher training and research system

  • Representative Organization
    Shinshu University
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    Pilot Project
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    This project supports dissemination of Ecohealth education throughout teacher training colleges in Laos by teacher training involving ICT and active learning, and also on the basis of knowledge and experiences by practice and research on environmental education and health education in Japan, stemming from lessons learned from tragic victims of environmental pollution. Ecohealth education, which is promoting health and sustainability using Japan’s experiences globally, is aiming to realize harmonious relationships between social development, ecosystem, human livelihood and human health. This project is conducted in cooperation with several Japanese universities, teacher training colleges and their affiliated schools in Laos. Training is conducted to enhance teachers and students’ knowledge on Ecohealth, to motivate them to teach, and to improve their ability to plan and implement activities in schools and communities. This project also contributes to strengthening teacher training colleges’ research function for sustainable development of Ecohealth education in Laos.