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Study on internationalization and quality assurance of extracurricular activities (Tokkatsu) aimed at fostering non-cognitive skills ~ Verification of the benefits of Tokkatsu in Egypt, a frontrunner in Japanese-style education ~

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    University of Tsukuba
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    Research Project
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    This project will examine the status of localization of extracurricular activities (Tokkatsu) introduced and conducted in elementary schools in Egypt and clarify the effect on non-cognitive skills (the ability to learn the necessary skills throughout life), said to be an element that supports individual and social well-being. In addition, in collaboration with Egyptian educators, we will develop a global standard Japanese-style education model based on international universality and ethics, through the creation of a diploma program aimed at quality assurance. As well as generating a synergistic effect with ongoing ODA projects in Egypt, with the cooperation of the Cairo Japanese School, the project will contribute to reinforcing a multi-layered network of human resources. In addition, through collaboration with the Japanese Association for the Study of Extracurricular Activities , we aim to share the survey results with Japanese educational institutions and leverage them to the internationalization of education in Japan, as well as to generate knowledge that will contribute to the future improvement of education in countries known as the Global South.