FY 2023 Exhibition (DIDAC INDIA 2023)

DIDAC INDIA, now celebrating its 13th year, is India’s largest education sector event, bringing together educators from India, Asia and other regions. In addition to conferences and workshops held by educators, there were booth exhibitions relating to various educational services and teaching materials.


■Summary of DIDAC INDIA 2023

DatesOctober 17-19, 2023
VenueBangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru, India
Operating companies
  • Arclights Eventz Network Pvt. Ltd.
  • India Didactics Association
  • Ministry of Education, Government of India
  • Ministry of MSME, Government of India
  • NITI Aayog
  • Skill India


■Summary of EDU-Port booth exhibition

  • To introduce educational stakeholders from India and neighboring regions to Japanese education.
  • To create matching opportunities between EDU-Port Japan Platform Member agencies and educational stakeholders from India and surrounding regions.
Exhibition details
【Basic Education Corner】
  • Japanese-style education that nurtures solid academic ability, rich humanity and a healthy body of the children was introduced using pamphlets and videos.
  • Pamphlets and leaflets were distributed regarding educational services offered by universities, companies and NPOs, and teaching materials were exhibited.
【Higher Education Corner】
  • Offering information about studying in Japan.
  • Distributing university information.


The Japan Pavilion exhibition was set up by EDU-Port Japan alongside Tamai Investment Educations Inc. and Yamaha Corporation.


EntranceJapan Pavilion shown on the map
Basic Education CornerHigher Education Corner
Carp streamer borrowed from the Japanese School of BangaloreUniversity information
Visitors to the boothVisitors to the booth
Survey for visitors to the boothOverview of the venue


Visitors were asked to place a sticker next to the field of Japanese education that interests them. “Higher Education and Study in Japan” received the most stickers, followed by “Science and Mathematics.” There was also a lot of interest in “Preschool Education.”


Many people showed an interest in studying in Japan and a desire to purchase Japanese science and mathematics textbooks. While many people were unfamiliar with “Special Activities / TOKKATSU,” a large number of people were aware that school students in Japan engage in classroom cleaning activities, and wanted to introduce education that improves on life skills in their own schools.


A total of about 1000 people visited the booth across the three days where they watched videos introducing Japanese-style education, experienced some teaching materials and were given pamphlets of 18 agencies including the EDU-Port Japan platform members. There was a clear increase in interest in Japanese education.


■Comments from companies that joined the Japan Pavilion exhibition

Tamai Investment Educations Inc.As one of Japan’s foremost producers of AI-patented teaching materials, we are developing ICT teaching materials that offer both textbook and application-based learning. Currently, we are developing proprietary teaching materials for capacity development starting at three years of age through to teaching materials that will enable entry to some of the world’s leading universities. We have established a corporation in India to introduce Tamai teaching materials to schools, including state universities and the DPS Group. Last year, we showcased our programs at the GESS Dubai Exhibition and Conference in the UAE. The global presence of numerous companies from India at that event was outstanding. We have again felt the increasing passion for education in India at this event. We aim for global recognition of Tamaishiki Method, providing children with an expanded array of possibilities.
Yamaha CorporationYamaha Group has developed programs for recorders and keyboards at primary schools in India. At DIDAC INDIA 2023, we felt the strong interest in our program from education officials from India and other countries. This is the third time that Yamaha Music India Private Limited has exhibited at DIDAC India. Since the enactment of the National Education Policy of India 2020 (NEP 2020), there is a palpable sense that the interest in high-quality Japanese education is increasing year by year. We hope to increase the quality of music education in India by supporting its introduction and practice as part of primary education.