Shibaura Institute of Technology

OrganizationShibaura Institute of Technology
TitleOnline Global Project Based Learning with the industry-academia-government collaboration
City, CountryThailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, UK, Portugal and Spain

Shibaura Institute of Technology has been promoting Global Project Based Learning (PBL) as a part of active learning in cooperation with overseas partner universities. Under the Global PBL, students from Japan and overseas partner universities working as tag teams discuss and solve problems. By working together with teammates from diverse academic backgrounds, students will gain a sense of accomplishment in solving problems and overcoming them.

Shibaura Institute of Technology established Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium in order to enhance industry-academia-government collaboration not only in Japan but also all over the world by Top Global University Projects by MEXT. By utilizing the GTI consortium, we have developed global PBL through industry-academia-government collaboration.

Online Global PBL has been planned and implemented under the circumstances of COVID-19. Some contents such as experiment and prototype making are not suitable for online, however we make our efforts to provide students with learning opportunities by utilizing various tools (Zoom, G suit, Office365m and our online system).
Of course, we need to take into account the time difference between our programs with universities in Europe, U.S. and so on, but it will still be much easier to run programs in collaboration with multiple universities.

As a result, it is expected to facilitate exchanges between students from different countries and regions and create more diverse communication. In addition, by using online tools, industries can flexibly join programs and promoting industry-university collaboration in Global PBL.

In this way, Shibaura Institute of Technology continuously provides students with active learning opportunities through online Global PBL in the circumstances of COVID-19.