Champion Vietnamese Team Presentation at Quest Cup 2019 in Japan(2017 EDU-Port Supported Project: Educa & Quest Inc.)


The champion team (The Happy Team) of the 4th Quest Career in Hanoi 2018 visited Japan to make a presentation at the Quest Cup 2019 National Convention held at Rikkyo University on February 23, 2019 as a part of the 2017 EDU-Port supported project “Introduction of Japanese-style career education that makes proactive, interactive and deep learning in Vietnam and support for its teaching method ” (Educa & Quest Inc.) The secretariat of EDU-Port Japan attended the event.
Educa & Quest Inc. provide inquiry-based learning program “Quest Education” to about 25,000 elementary, junior high and high school students in 140 schools across the country. Among them, “Corporate Access” section of the inquiry-based learning course aims to provide students with internship opportunity of actual companies in their classroom and deepen their understanding of the corporate philosophy and activities. They are required to propose a project to comply with the task assigned by companies. At the Quest Cup 2019 National Convention, eight teams made a final presentation to determine the Grand Prix from 2,847 entries.
“Fujita Fujiko” team came from the secondary school of the Sacred Heart Academy. The team won the Grand Prix and worked on the task from Fujitsu Ltd. “To propose a new service that overflows joy of living by connecting unexpected things!” They found out that joy overflows when we nurture the ability to think and achieve our goals. Then, they proposed a project to make “headphones that support internal conversation with yourself and thinking.”
After the eight team presentations, a special presentation was made by the Happy Team from Vietnam. Prior to the presentation, Mr. Fam Kuan Hun, First Secretary of the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, stated that Japanese-style education is attracting attention in Vietnam as it reforms education on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relationship.
The Happy Team seemed to be a little nervous, but they wrapped themselves in the springy color of Ao Dai and went up to the stage with bright smiles. In response to the task “To realize a corporate philosophy and propose a new business that would surprise Vietnamese people!” The task came from Acecook Vietnam, which has half the share of instant noodles in Vietnam. The Happy Team analyzed the issues of nutrition education in Vietnam and the philosophy of Acecook and proposed the establishment of ACELAND (Health Theme Park) to realize “Happy Vietnam”, “Happy Acecook” and “Happy World”. The presentation concluded with a proposal to contribute to Goal 3 “Health and Welfare for All” and Goal 8 “Both Work and Economic Growth” for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The presentation received large applause from the audience.
EDU-Port Japan realized once again that inquiry-based learning to tackle unanswered issues is effective for developing human resources who will bear future not only in Japan but also in Vietnam.
※ Please also refer to “4th Quest Carrier in Hanoi 2018 Report” dated December 5, 2018.