Kikutake Gakuen and Nagoya Sangyo University


We introduce materials for environmental education which are used in our projects overseas to popularize studies on afforestation with high CO₂ absorption capacity.

Project type2021 Supported Project
Project nameSystematic support for afforestation studies in Vietnamese school education
Educational Material What is photosynthesis?
Since June 2021
Based on the learning experience of high school students of Takada Junior & Senior High School in Mie Prefecture, we have developed audiovisual materials with the school on how to conduct plant photosynthesis experiments, which is the basis of afforestation studies. The materials with subtitles of Vietnamese, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese are available from the following links.

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Educational Material Environmental Education Lesson Plan “The relation between plant photosynthesis and CO₂ concentrations” in Vietnamese (Takanoo elementary school)
Published in September 2021
As an example of lessons practiced in Japan, we have developed a lesson plan on plant photosynthesis experiments with Takanoo elementary school in Tsu city. The topic is “The relation between plant photosynthesis and CO₂ concentrations”. The lesson objective is “To realize the importance of coexistence with plant”. The lesson plan is translated into Vietnamese, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
 Person in charge:Prof. Lin Jinsan