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Verification research on the challenges and possibilities for development of Japanese-style school health that contributes to the SDGs

  • Representative Organization
    Shinshu University
  • Country
    Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Niger, Ghana and Kenya
  • Project Type
    Research Project
  • Fiscal Year
  • Project Overview

    The aim of this project is to demonstratively examine the possibilities and challenges of the contributions of Japanese-style school health to the realization of the SDGs and COVID-19 measures.
    The purpose of this study is to examine the issues and potential for the development of Japanese-style school health by carrying out an interview study on Japanese school health support in developing countries and the status of ESD dissemination. Furthermore, the project will develop teaching materials related to the SDGs and COVID-19 measures, conduct teacher training, and conduct health checkup activities using children’s health clubs, etc. at teacher training schools in Japan and Laos, and clarify the results and other issues.