EDU-Port Symposium -Looking back over the last five years and looking forward to the next Japanese-style Education programs overseas-


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As part of the EDU-Port Japan project, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) will hold a symposium bringing together the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JICA, JETRO, universities, boards of education, private companies and institutions related to or interested in working abroad in education, and overseas organizations interested in Japanese-style education.

The purpose is to look back over the last 5 years of this project (EDU-Port Japan 1.0) and share the expectations for the way forward (EDU-Port Japan 2.0).

1. Date and Time: March 9 (Tue), 2021 2:00 – 5:30 p.m. JST (Registration start at 1:30 p.m.)
2. Venue: On-site or Online

Venue for On-site: Hall, 2nd floor, Zenkokutoshikaikan Building

※Please note that there is no parking available at the venue
Address: 2-4-2 Hiraga-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8635


Venue for Online: ZOOM Webinar

3. Organizer: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
4. Entrance fee: Free
5. Language: Japanese(with English simultaneous translation)
6. Program:

  • Project Report on 2020 and the Direction of EDU-Port Japan 2.0

(HIMIYA Naoki, Deputy Assistant Minister/Director, International Affairs Division, Minister’s Secretariat, MEXT)

  • “Research on Japanese-style Education Overseas” Challenges and Possibilities of EDU-Port: From Research Results

(TAKAYAMA Keita, Ph.D. Kyoto University)

  • Report on EDU-Port Pilot Project

(1) University of Fukui : “Introduction of Fukui-Style Education from Japan to the World” Teacher Training Collaboration Project in Asia, Africa, and Middle East
(KOSAKA Masato, Senior Assistant Professor, University of Fukui)

(2) Yamaha Corporation : Introduction of Japanese-style Instrumental Music Education in Primary Education in Vietnam and Egypt

(KIYOTA Akifumi, Assistant Manager, AP Strategy Group, Asia-Pacific Sales Division, Yamaha Corporation)

(3) MIYAZAKI C-DANCE CENTER : Export of Japanese-style Dance Education “Physical Expression Contemporary Dance” (Laos, and other countries)
(TOYOFUKU Akifumi, Nonprofit Organization-MIYAZAKI C-DANCE CENTER COO)

  • Panel Discussion

SUZUKI Kan / Professor, Tokyo University
KITAMURA Yuto / Associate Professor, Tokyo University
TAKAYAMA Keita / Professor, Kyoto University
SAKUMA Jun / Director General, Human Development Dept., JICA
OKUBO Noboru / President, C.E.O., UCHIDA YOKO CO.,LTD.
INOUE Katsuyuki / Executive Director for Corporate Strategy Planning and
Development, Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd.

    • Poster session

Contents (the time will be adjusted):
*Page numbers are from the “List of Pilot Project FY2020”

■16:45-16:55 SIRAHATA Kazuya/Nippon Sport Science University

“Development of Physical Education teaching guideline for primary school teachers in Uganda”(p.1)

■16:55-17:05 MINAMI Shinnosuke/NPO 10000 People Community Meeting

“Promoting Educational Innovation in Egypt through learning from Japanese-style KOMINKAN management and social education” (p.2)

■17:05-17:15 KAGETO Makoto/ Uchidayoko Institute for Education Research

“Development of “Home-Learning Contents” in Cambodia working in conjunction with two universities implementing SDGs-4 and Learner-Centered ICT education” (p.7)

■17:15-17:25 YOSHIKAWA Yusuke/ NPO Colorbath

“Online Glocal Program between schools in Malawi and Japan.-Active interaction by students and teachers -” (p.9)

7. Application to attend

Please fill out the application form from the URL below for registration.

      **Deadline for application
      For On-site: March 4th (Thu.) 5pm.
    For On-line: March 5th (Fri.) 5pm.

If you cannot access the URL above, click here to download a blank registration form and send to:

Registration Form of EDU-Port Symposium.docx

*For participants of the Embassies & Consulates

Registration Form of EDU-Port Symposium for the Embassies & Consulates (word)

• You can apply for both on-site and online participation using this form.
• We will have about 100 participants in total for on-site participation. First come, first served. If exceeding the capacity, we will contact you to ask for your on-line participation by March 2 (Tue) .
• Online participants (no capacity) will be sent the participation URL the day before the event.

Program_EDU-Port Symposium FY2020.pdf


  • About 100 people are expected to be accepted for on-site participation (about 1/3 of the capacity).
  • Please wear a mask during the program.
  • We will ask for your kind cooperation to take your temperature when you enter the venue.
  • The content of the program may be subject to change according to the situation of COVID-19 pandemic.


      Secretariat of EDU-Port Japan (Koei Research & Consulting Inc.)
    Email: Mobile: +81 70-4438-6533