Kagawa University

Kagawa University comprises six faculties and seven graduate schools, which undertake the education of approximately 5,700 undergraduate and 700 graduate students. We have concluded academic exchange agreements between universities and departments with approximately 100 institutions overseas, and actively exchange students and researchers. In addition, we are collaborating with organizations such as JICA, JST and JSPS to strengthen collaboration with researchers and groups in and outside of Japan.

CategoryMathematics/Science, ICT, Teacher training, Others (Medical, Technology, Agriculture)
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Research
  3. Contributing to the Local Community
Countries where we workedChina, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Brunei, Turkey and more


Since 2008, we have exporting Japanese language education programs to private high schools in Shenzhen, China. As of June 2020, a total of about 1000 students participate in the programs in 7 schools. We are introducing a variety of learning activities which contain Japanese-style education features such as Japanese language, animation, Japanese factory tours, school excursions, etc. We receive positive feedbacks on the programs from teachers, students, and parents like “students become politer through the programs”, “students enjoy learning”, and such.

CategoryJapanese Language Education, Animation Education
What we do
  1. Japanese Language Education
  2. Animation Education
  3. Onlin Education
Countries where we workedChina, Vietnam
TEL(+81) 80-3554-1023


Since its birth in November, 1984, JSET has been a major academic society in the research and practice of technology in education, including theories of instruction and learning. JSET was born from the network of educational technology centers in Colleges of Education. Recently, JSET is attracting more researchers in diverse areas of study in higher education sector, who wish to make their instruction better by utilizing educational technology research outcomes, and to publish their own results as well.

CategoryOthers (Research and practice of technology in education)
What we do
  1. Research and practice of technology in education, including theories of instruction and learning
Countries where we workedCambodia, Philippines
TEL(+81) 3-5549-2263
FAX(+81) 3-5575-5366

HR Japan

– Thailand University Student Business Human Resource Development Support Project
– Job Hunting Activity Support Project
– Industry-University Cooperation Support Project

CategoryCareer education, Textbook/Material development, Teacher training, Inclusive education, Moral education, Others (SDGs、CSR、CSV, Community development)
What we do
  1. Training Programs
  2. Program and Development of teaching material
  3. Educational Projects
Countries where we workedKingdom of Thailand
TEL(+81) 96-288-5526

IMTC management training & consulting

IMTC is providing human resource development services to employees working for Japanese companies in Vietnam since 2007. Courses such as 5S, Ho-Ren-So, PDCA and other management subjects which are required to work in Japanese companies are provided in the form of public workshop to be regularly held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city and in-house training in which courses are held company’s site.
IMTC also provides related services such as human resource management system improvement consulting, employee assessment, support developing internal training system.

CategoryCareer education, Teacher training, Others (Education for management)
What we do
  1. 5S、Ho Ren So
  2. Role and responsiblity of managerial employee
  3. Kaizen、QCC circle
Countries where we workedVietnam
TEL(+84) 93-424-8018

NPO Japan Sports Communications

Japan Sports Communications is the organization that exports Undokai(Japanese sports festival) to the world. Undokai is a team sport unique to Japan that makes you realize that “Everyone is different but everyone is the same person” transcending barriers such as nationality, religion, age, gender and wealth. We will spread Undokai with children around the world, improve the non-cognitive skills and lay the foundation of ESD for the local area that we provide the service.

CategoryPhysical education/Sports, Moral education, Inclusive education, Others (ESD)
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Exercise and Sports
Countries where we workedThailand, Laos, Guatemala, India, United States of America, Malawi
TEL(+81) 45-590-2190

Japanese Consortium for Global School Health and Research

Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research (JC-GSHR) was set up as a think tank and hub for international school health networks. JC-GSHR is working towards the appropriate implementation and dissemination of school health programs. We target both school-aged children and adolescents, and we aim to promote the health of the community. JC-GSHR activities include following activities: 1)Implementing school health research and practices. 2)Providing technical support for practices and provide human resource training on school health. 3)Cultivating young researchers and technical experts through a network of research members. 4)Publicizing and disseminating information on the results of our research and school health projects. and 5)Strengthening international partnerships

CategorySchool health, Physical education/Sports, Teacher training, Textbook/Material development, Inclusive education, Others (Safety education, Mental Health, Disaster prevention, nutrition)
What we do
  1. Health and Medical Care
  2. Education and Human resource development
  3. Research
Countries where we workedThailand, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Philippine, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Niger, Korea, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Suri Lanka, and more
TEL(+81) 98-895-3331


Our company is based in Da Nang, Vietnam, and develop educational business. We have the slogan “To find self wings”, we aim to foster entrepreneurship, independence to nurture children who can play an active role in the international community through “SELFWING V-KIDS Kindergarten” and “SELFWING V-GARDEN”.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, School facility, Physical education/Sports, Moral Education, Career education, Teacher education, Others(Entrepreneuer education)
What we do
  1. SELFWING V-KIDS Kindergarten
  3. Kindergarten and educational facility franchise
Countries where we worked【SELFWING CO.,LTD.】Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan
TEL【SELFWING CO.,LTD.】03-6261-5118
【SELFWING VIETNAM CO.,LTD.】+84-236-396-8181

Human Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Since our establishment as an education business in 1985, the Human Group has expanded our education business, childcare business, nursing care business and recruitment business, etc. centered on “HUMAN”.
We provide opportunities to have a self-fulfillment by making use of what they have learned, based on the group’s management philosophy, “to contribute to society through our hard work”.
We have 330 domestic business bases and 7 overseas ones. In Asia, we operate a Japanese language education business and a nursery school business. We mainly develop specialized education business in Europe and English education business in North America.

CategoryMath/Science education, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, School facility, Career education, Others (English, Child care)
What we do
  1. Education
  2. Nursery school(Child care)
  3. Human resource development
Countries where we workedIndonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Canada, France, China
TEL(+81) 3-6846-8507

OISCA Japanese Kindergarten

OISCA Kindergarten offers Japanese-style Early Childhood Education and Care in Japanese in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Manila, Bangkok, Sriracha and Jakarta. The Philosophy  of Japanese-style Early Childhood Education and Care at OISCA Kindergarten has been adopted by the Shanghai Board of Education, and OISCA Kindergartens in each region train local staff through OJT. We are also aiming to contribute to local education by disseminating Japanese-style Early Childhood Education and Care and collaborating with researchers in Japan and overseas.

CategoryICT, Textbook/Material development, School health, Teacher education, Others (Japanese-style Early Childhood Education and Care)
What we do
  1. Japanese-style Early Childhood Education and Care
  2. Human Resourses Development
  3. Resaerch
Countries where we workedChina, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
TEL(+81) 3-3322-5161

JACPA Corporation

Ever since its establishment in 1972, JACPA has been providing the physical education (PE) for various types of sports and English education to over 120,000 children mainly in nursery schools and kindergartens all across in Japan with the corporate philosophy “We nurture buds blooming in future”.
Also, our international division established the local subsidiary in Singapore (2006), Indonesia (2016) and Vietnam (2017). We have been teaching PE to both Japanese kids residing overseas and local kids by our original Japanese-style method.
JACPA aims to further amplify its business activities in other regions across Japan and overseas.

CategoryPhysical education/Sports, Others (support kindergarten administration through regular and extracurricular activities)
What we do
  1. Physical Education
  2. English Language Business
  3. Travel Business
Countries where we workedSingapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam
TEL(+81) 42-345-6111

NPO Colorbath

Colorbath works on education programs connecting the world, and social business programs creating employments in Japan, Malawi, and Nepal.
Under the mission of “Shape the hope, Nurture the future.” we aim to build a warm-hearted community where everyone can live by their own values.

CategoryExtracurricular activities, School health, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Career education/TVET, Others (International exchange, Leaders training program)
What we do
  1. International exchange program conneting Japanese and overseas classrooms
  2. Social business program for creating employments
  3. Consulting
Countries where we workedNepal, Malawi


As a development consulting firm, PADECO meets various challenges through programs and projects across a wide range of sectors, including education and human resources development, transport, urban and regional development, industrial and institutional management, information technology, and the environment and climate change. PADECO is an international consulting firm that has been providing professional services from project conception to completion. Our multinational staff combines extensive experience, technical and managerial skills, and versatility to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of people around the world.

CategoryExtracurricular activities, School health, ICT, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Career education, Others(TVET, Higher education)
What we do
  1. International Development Consulting
  2. Surveys
  3. Project implementation (including training program)
Countries where we workedEgypt, Cambodia, Ghana, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Nepal, Lao P.D.R, etc.
TEL(+81) 3-5733-0855

Nagoya Sangyo University

Nagoya Sangyo University signed an academic exchange agreement with Nanjing Tech University in China in 2001, the second year of its opening, and started international exchange. In addition, the overseas expansion of CO₂ environmental education by Nagoya Sangyo University can be traced back to 2013, when a partnership agreement was signed with Taiwan’s Yu Da University and Miaoli County Environmental Protection Bureau. From 2019, we are working to popularize CO₂ environmental education in Taiwan in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan and National Taiwan University.

CategorySchool health, Textbook/Material development, Others (ESD)
What we do
  1. CO₂ sensor
  2. photosynhesis experimennt
  3. afforestation studies
Countries where we workedTaiwan, China
TEL(+81) 561-55-5101

Kansai University

Kansai University, founded in 1886, is a private university with 13 undergraduate faculties, 13 graduate schools and 2 professional graduate schools.
We have developed various initiatives with overseas partner universities and related organizations, such as sending students abroad, accepting international students, and conducting international collaborate research.

CategoryOthers(Higher education)
What we do
  1. International Education
  2. International Research
  3. International Cooperation
Countries where we workedBhutan, India, Kyrgyz, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil etc.

Shinshu University

The Faculty of Education of Shinshu University has conducted international joint researches in various fields, such as school health, health education, environmental education and ESD, in collaboration with academic institutions in Asian and African developing countries. Currently, we are conducting an empirical research which includes policy analysis and teacher training in the areas related to health and environmental education. In addition, we are engaged in the development of textbooks and teaching materials especially for teacher training institutions in developing countries. Furthermore, we have provided teacher trainings from developing countries upon request from JICA.

CategorySchool health, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Extracurricular activities, School facility, Others (Environmental education)
What we do
  1. School Health
  2. Teacher trainig
  3. Development of teaching materials and textbooks
Countries where we workedLao PDR, Thailand, Nepal, Kenya, Niger, Maldives
TEL(+81) 26-238-4025
(+81) 26-238-4167

The Japanese school in Bahrain

Taking the greatest advantage of Japanese schools which are able to develop Japanese-style educational activities overseas, we will take up issues facing the Kingdom of Bahrain from the perspective of SDGs in the “The period of Integrated study” at Japanese school, and make long-term efforts to resolve the issues.
In addition, the collaborative and exploratory learning process and its results will be presented and shared with the target schools (target companies).
CategoryICT、Other(The period of Integrated study(SDGs, ESD))
What we do
  1. SDGs
  2. ESD
Country where we workedBahrain
TEL+973 1779 1550


In July 2010, we established a local subsidiary in Taiwan to accelerate the development of our business of disseminating Japanese culture, tourism, and education. In October of the same year, the first JAPAN SAKURA BASE store opened, with plans to expand into Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand by 2023.

CategoryICT, Extracurricular activities, Others
What we do
  1. Global Consulting for Educational(school) Trip
  2. Culture Dissemination Base “JAPAN SAKURA BASE”
  3. Global Promotion
Countries where we worked Taiwan, Hong Kong
URL https://taiwan.sb-ja.jp/en/
Email info@sb-ja.jp

University of Fukui

The University of Fukui has established the Headquarters for General Professional Development of Teachers to promote the organization and advancement of teacher education that supports the formation of teaching expertise in Japan and abroad, as well as to promote research, training, and evaluation. Through JICA-contracted projects and yen loan projects of the Japanese government, the International Professional Development Division strengthens the capacity of in-service teachers overseas and serves as a nodal point for diverse human resources, including MEXT teacher training students and ALTs (assistant language teachers), to support the internationalization of education and the formation of a globalized society.

CategorySpecial activities, Math/Science education, Teacher education, Others(Regional cooperation)
What we do
  1. Teacher training and teacher education
  2. Professional learning community
  3. Practical research
Countries where we workedMalawi, Uganda, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, Pakistan, and many others
URL http://www.f-edu.u-fukui.ac.jp/eng
TEL0776-27-8986 or 9872

Osaka Metropolitan University

The COIL Promotion Office of the International Education Center takes the lead in implementing a program to foster social innovators who can solve problems in local communities and societies, incorporating active learning. In addition, students from multiple countries and regions, including developing countries, are practicing collaborative learning through active learning via online. We develop teaching materials and human resource as well as design programs associated with these activities.

CategoryICT, Special Activities, Extracurricular Activities, Textbook/Material development, Teacher education, Other(social innovation education)
What we do
  1. Development of teaching materials and human resource for active learning
  2. Support for online collaborative learning
  3. Social innovation education
Countries where we workedUSA, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Zambia etc.
URL http://www.coil.osaka-cu.ac.jp/en/
TEL06-6605-2249(COIL Promotion Office)
Email gr-las-coil_@omu.ac.jp

EDU-Mo Co., Ltd.

EDU-Mo is providing Japanese & English education for both foreigners and Japanese. Currently, we provide face-to-face and online Japanese lessons to learners from 17 nationalities around the world. We also support for foreign residents in Japan with their daily matters. We promote cross-cultural understanding education through interactive exchange between Japan and overseas and provide opportunities for interaction between Japanese learners and English learners.

CategoryOther(Japanese/English language education, Education for international understanding)
What we do
  1. Japanese/English language education
  2. Education for cross-cultural understanding
  3. Foreigner support
Countries where we workedSenegal, Algeria, Columbia, Netherland, Thailand, Bangladesh and more
URL https://www.myedumo.com/

KEI Advanced, Inc.

KEI Advanced, Inc. (KEI) is the company within the Kawaijuku Group that exports the Group’s educational assets to overseas and provides public relation’s service and BPO related to entrance examinations, and various consulting services mainly for higher education in Japan. As for overseas deployment, KEI is currently delivering the Japanese-style academic achievement test (mathematics) in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, as part of a JICA project (as of January 2023).

CategoryMath/Science education, Material development/textbook, Teacher education, Career education/TVET, Other(Curriculum development)
What we do
  1. Tests development, administration and analysis
  2. STEM Curriculum & text development
  3. Teacher’s trainning
Countries where we workedUzbekistan
URL https://www.keiadvanced.jp/en/